e CHEMO Graphic International, Est. 1976, have over the year's gained expertise in providing preeminent solutions to the Currency & Security Printing Presses owned by The Government of India & the Reserve Bank of India. Our services extend in providing the best of Machinery, Equipments, Spares, Consumables and Security Solutions to the Currency & Security Presses over the last three decades. The Government Presses have found CHEMO to be one of their most trusted cohorts. We are proud to be associated with the Currency and Security Presses and envision in providing our clients with the Newest and Best technologies enhancing their Quality and Value within the TRADITION which is TRULY INDIAN.



( formerly known as BASF Germany)
Printing Plates

* Intaglio roller coating chemicals
* Pre-pan sheets / boards for under packing
of intaglio blankets


Currency Shredding & Briquetting
machine & spares




(represented by Indo-European Machinery, India)
Printing Machine ,spare parts & Overhauling



(represented by Indo-European Machinery, India)
Printing Machine ,spare parts & Overhauling


Printing Machine ,spare parts & Overhauling


(represented by Print Tools, India)
Printing Machine & Spare parts



(For India Security Press & Currency Note Press)
Spare parts, Maintenance & Overhauling of
* Heidelberg Printing Machines
* POLAR Guillotine Machines
* Stahl Folding Machines



* CCTV & Biometric based access control systems
* Automated storage & retrievable systems



( formerly known as BASF Germany)
Nyloprint plates for security printing


*Dry Offset Simultan printing blankets
*ORLOF Collector Blankets
*Rough Top Draw Sheets
*Glass Beaded Blankets for Bank Note Numbering



a) Nickel S Rounds
b) Bend Coat Films


Our Illustrious patrons

  • Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Ltd.
    • Currency Note Printing, Nasik
    • Bank Note Press, Dewas
    • India Security Press, Nasik
    • Security Printing Press, Hyderabad
    • Security Paper Mill, Hossangabad

  • Reserve Bank of India
    • Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Ltd., Mysore
    • Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Ltd., Salboni

  • All State Govt. Printing Presses

  • All Road & Rail Transport Presses

  • Ordinance & Defense Factories

  • Survey of India Presses